Mosquito NRG

Mosquito NRG

How it works

The Mosquito harness is a separate unit that allows a normal
hangglider to become a Foot-Launched Powered Hangglider (FLPHG).
Whilst on the ground 2 legs extend below the engine, keeping
the propeller free from ground. Once airborne you close
the leg zipper on the harness and the 2 legs automatically fold
along the harness for least possible drag. No modification is
needed to the glider apart from the keel being cut 1300mm
from the hang-point. On several modern gliders the manufacturers
already do this. The cut-off section can be refitted to
help rig the wing and for free flight.


No tools are needed and rigging can be done in less than 5
min without hurrying: Firstly fix the fuel tank to the upright
(or if the internal tank is used, put it in the back pocket of the
harness). Then hook the Mosquito to the wing. Finally attach
the prop to the prop shaft and (if used) attach the limit lines
to the wing.

Take off

After pre-flight checks, starting and warming up the engine it
is time for take off. Make sure you are directly into the wind,
wings level, bite on the throttle and start to run until you
have gained speed enough to be able to climb. The only extra
weight you need to carry is the fuel on your downtube (if you
have the external tank) and about 5 Kg on your hips. After a
few steps your wing will carry itself, so the only thing the pilot
needs to do is to keep the glider level and straight into wind
whilst running. The take-off distance varies between 15 and 200m
depending on many factors such as headwind, type of glider,
weight and take-off skills of the pilot. It is of course also possible
to take off down a slope, which may be helpful for those
first take-offs. For more information on the take-off technique
please refer to the "Video tutorial" on the menu to the left.


Flying is not very different to free flight. However, under power
the engine thrust will push the pilot forward. This means
that the speed bar will be further back than with engine shut
off. This is not difficult to get used to but is really important to
keep in mind if full control is to be achieved. Due to the small
extra weight and slim design of the harness your thermalling
possibilities will hardly be affected.


The landing is very easy. You can flair or run out your glider -
whichever is most convenient for you. Just remember to open
the leg zipper & extends the legs, pull the propeller brake and switch off the


The Mosquito is delivered with a 3-year warranty against production


Mosquito NRG Brochure

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